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Hi. Just a stranger, stopping by to promote my new Sharon Shinn Fan Community. I saw you were a fan, and wanted to invite you to join.


hello....i really love your icons and wondering if you would add me >_>?

Hey. ^^ Sorry about the late reply.

I really really appreciate the compliment about my icons (as I am still quite shy about them) buuuuuuut...I don't post any icons in here. If you're looking for those, you're better off friending morphean_icons.

Long time no talk, our emails were always intresting. Mind adding me, please?

Added. Sorry about that. ^^;;


Join, please?

I am told that I must speak with you to join the Morphean Icons community, through which I may feed my Princess Bride icon addiction...

Might such a thing be possible? *hopeful* The joining, that is.

I'm really flattered. ^_^ Actually, I'm the only technical 'member' of the community, because I don't lock anything, and I'm the only one who posts there. I DO plan to do more Princess Bride icons, so if you want them, all you have to do is watch the community. Which makes me go squee.

Ah ha. Still getting used to how LJ communities work. Some want you to join and you aren't allowed to post, others you can only watch, others want joining and posting... craziness!

Community watched!

*waits eagerly for more Princess Bride fabulousness*

I was starting to think I was the only one who watched Serenity. Oh, and no need to add me. I was just passing by after you commented on my page.

Random comment: we're the same age haha.

[sheepish] Dude, I've seen Serenity like a million times. Have you seen the TV show it was based on, Firefly?

Actually... no. I don't know if Firefly is aired in my country. If it's a new series probably not. I haven't been watching TV lately (because I'm studying medicine), the only way I could watch series in TV is if I buy the DVD set and watch it during my breaks.

Another random comment: I'm so stupid. I finally got your post. You wrote After You. I thought you meant yoou saw my name when I reviewed AY and you were following it[the story]. Urk. Congratulations on writing another chapter. The problem (for readers) when there are good authors is that good authors are picky with their work it takes years for them to update and decide their newest chapter is good enough. I still haven't read the latest chapter (I'm waiting for a break in my exams), but I'll read secen as soon as I can.

No, it's a series from around 2000 or 2001, I think. It got cancelled after only half a season, but the fanbase was so dedicated that they got a movie made. Hence, Serenity. But Firefly is available on DVD.

And yeah. The new chapter really isn't very good, frankly, because I wrote it about three years ago and I've really developed as a writer since then. I look at the whole fic and just WINCE, but I promised I'd finish it, so I'm biting the bullet and dusting it off. I hadn't seen the reviews until I went back a few days ago, and I saw that you had reviewed before and got all excited because I love your story.

You're studying medicine, right? Impressive! ^_^

I'll try to see if they're selling the DVD of the series here, although the chances of that is very low.

I left constructive criticism on the new chapter on The chapter is not bad, but it has some strong points too. The thing about writing in long series is that when you end up reading what you wrote before you always end up wincing. I know I revise rend almost every time I send out a new chapter because I deem the older ones as CRAP, so don't be too hard on yourself. :) I like your story too. Haha, this is just too weird. I really don't expect too many of Ranma authors to be in livejournal becuase Lj is such a new forum and Ranma is soo old school.

Which reminds me... did you beta for me before? I can't remember betas from FF.N (they only stay for one chapter and disappear on me, so I can't remember names... i place names on special thanks but sometimes the handle is differnt from the name I place). All of my old betas are gone. *cries* It took so long for them to beta one chapter (we averaged five hours per chapter) that most of them moved on before we could finish.

Yeah well, I suffered more in studying my undergrad (chemistry) than when I'm studying medicine so I'm better off. :) Not all that impressive if you think about it that way.

I'm ending up friending you. 's that ok? I'm not a regular Lj user but what the heck.

Your layout is absolutely amazing. I was just wondering who made it, or if you made it yourself. I've been looking for a Firefly/Serenity layout for ages, and I've only found one Kaylee layout (not exactly what I'm looking for.)


Thank you! Yes, I made it. ^_^ It was like the second layout I've ever made for anyone, I keep meaning to make a new one and change it, to be honest. You can use it, if you'd like, just please credit me in your userinfo.

Oh, that would be shiny! :) Could you email me the codes? Of course I'd credit you, it's too fantastic a layout not to.

Unfortunately the layout itself is a paid style, although if you want I can send you the layer insert in case you ever get paid. Closest I can find that would look relatively similar for a free account is if you used the header on the flexible squares layout, and there's a tutorial in terms of how to do that right here.

Thank you again for the compliments!

I finally watched Serenity. Hell, I bought it. Awesomeness. Now all that's left is watching firefly when we get back to school. But hey, I've got a living room, a DVD player and a 26 inch tv. We're all good.

PS You should be my friend.

Can you add me?

Hey, I'm hoping this is you. If not I'm talking to a total stranger, and we'll pretend this never happened. ^_^ It's me Ashbear from the days of Final Fantasy fan fiction, and have journal now *shock*. I'd love to talk to you again. So if you could get a chance to add me I will love and admire you more than I already do... I don't need anymore coffee.

Re: Can you add me?

Oh my god, ASHBEAR!! You're not talking to a total stranger, I totally remember you and your stories (and talking to you on MSN with Pierson and making an idiot of myself...)

I'd LOVE to talk to you again! This is no longer my personal journal, fragmentedsky is, but I shall add you to that journal right now.

And I don't need any coffee, hearing from you again has made me hyper as hell. Wow!

Hullo there! I'm one of the new mods for twins_stills! We're back! Finally! We'll have a new challenge posted tomorrow! Please rejoin us and tell all your friends! And we promise we're back for good!

We miss you!!

I know this is completely out of the blue. I've never left a single review for any of your fanfics on But I couldn't resist leaving a message. And since the email ID specified on your FF profile is supposedly dead, this was the only way I could come up with. Now, to the most important part.

PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK!!!! I don't know about others, but I miss you. And I'm sure there are hundreds more who do. If I don't get to know what happens in "After you", I swear I'll haunt you when I die!! (Ooookayyy, I know you've mentally packed me off to a psycho ward...) Please come back. It's a HEINOUS CRIME to leave faithful readers hanging!

I really hope this helps put you back on track. If you feel like screaming back at me, you are welcome to use this: Or you can PM me through, authorname: soumyee.


Soumyarupa De

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