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I Aim to Misbehave

Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain

Not Exactly Captain of the Sane Patrol
18 July 1984
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When I create my own universe, people will grow by eating ice cream and having lots of sex.

-- Vincent, Judging Amy

My name is Abby. Sooner or later, this is what you will wind up calling me. Everyone does, even when I try to use some kind of online alias quip thing. This is probably because I always pick one that even I cannot spell without the benefit of several visual aids.

I have lived in DC all my life. It is a nice place to live, despite all the politicions, because you can fantasize about painting 'dickhead' on the White House and it is almost concieveable. Have I mentioned that I'm a liberal?

I'm an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis, which is quite a good school despite the fact that you've never heard of it.

I am a fan of Joss Whedon at a level that is possibly illegal in several states (this is yet another reason that it is good that I do not live in a state.) I am a sucker for stories and characters. I am a bookworm, but even if I love a serious book that doesn't motivate me to go out and buy all other books by that author. I wish I could say the same for The Boondocks. I only periodically make sense. I am an agnostic prone to philosophy. I have irregular toes. I am a Cancer and every damn bit of it. I care deeply about my friends but I'm something of a hermit so I don't always show it as much as I should. I am often random and periodically incomprehensible and always somewhat ruled by my ADD. I question everything. I am emotional. I am shy. I am very strange at times. Relatively common times, actually.

I suppose the most significant fact about me, directly, is that I like to write. Probably too much, although I can be quite lazy about it. I am trying to write a novel, but my progress in that area has serious issues and should seek counseling.

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